Ever wanted to boost your yoga experience? Combine your daily yoga workout with scented meditation and energetic crystals for a clear mind and deep focus.
No matter the reason you come to your mat, merging yoga and crystals creates a powerful energy combination that deepens your yoga practice and enhances your energy levels.
We have handpicked our favorite items for your energetic boost:
  • Crystals have a calming vibration that can help relieve stress and help you balance. Our set of CRYSTALS contains Rose Quartz, Chrysocolla, Quartz and Aventurine. If you practice yoga for the physical strength and flexibility that it provides, these crystals can help to enhance your commitment to your well-being by keeping you motivated and dedicated to your practice. Lay them on your mat for an enhancement of your work out session.
  • If you enjoy ending your work out with a meditation session, you will love our SENSUAL meditation mist. The pure and natural essential oils found in this spray help to increase intuition, promote happiness and joy and create a balance between our physical and subtle body. Spray it on your yoga mat and integrate all your senses in your work out.
  • Our wonderful Yoga Set AMANDA with its soft and gentle steelblue color ensures that you enjoy your workout in classy style. The set is almost sold out – only a few sets are left in stock.
  • We think of everything for you – after your workout, we know that you will enjoy some cozy time. Perfect match for you: our soft and cozy Hoodie BOBBIE.
NAMASTE - Have a great day, dear and see you soon again. 

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