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SOPHIE’S provides carefully sourced and hand picked collections of timeless feminine styles that come collectively together under one roof. Switzerland based we are focused on sustainable luxury and minimal elegance for women. We work together with designers and factories, mostly in Europe, to create modern and feminine outfits that are affordable. “This brand is for people who want to reveal their genuine beauty with a most elegant and clean style.”

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Most of our pieces are designed and produced in Europe, especially in Spain, Greece, Poland and France. We aim to support European designer and factories in order to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. We believe, fashion should not have to travel the world to come to you. HONEST PRICING We believe in real affordable fashion for the hardworking modern woman. We also believe in supporting small designers and factories in Europe that are challenged by the fast fashion, low cost, high wastage industry. That’s why we structure our pricing to make up a small part of the product cost.

Sustainably Sourced. Protect The Planet. 

We believe in living in harmony with the environment and all the creatures that depend on the environment—including the other 7 billion people who live on this planet. We source our products for the European market in Europe to avoid long distance shipping. We only deviate from this mantra when we truly believe a product is worth it. Whenever we have the chance, we also introduce sustainable and vegan brands into our collections.

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I discovered SOPHIE'S by chance and loved the elegant collections. I don't really have the time for shopping. I appreciate therefore especially the fact that I don't have to look through tousends of pages until I find the one piece that could fit - everything is just classy and perfect for my daily work life.

Ivana Wehrmüller -  Zurich

I appreciate especially the femininity of the styles! I love to wear dresses and skirts, also at work. That's what actually made me fall in love with SOPHIE'S. Its feminine tenderness. Keep up the good work!

Stefanie Gordon -  London